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  • Bjorn De Meyer 2003-10-03 (FRI) 23:43:17

    I fixed some of the English on this page. (私は日本語を少し話せます)

  • merlin 2003-10-04 (SAT) 00:05:31

    Welcome! Now we work for translating documents into English. Please visit Developers Team.

  • kay? 2003-10-18 (SAT) 09:24:24

    Fix some English

    • merlin 2003-10-18 (SAT) 13:02:08

      Uhmmm. Some fixes may be different from the original meaning, I think.

  • Olorin? 2004-01-16 (FRI) 18:20:21

    I've changed almost everything on this page. Any problem? yes, there were...so I've refined...

  • I changed the download infomation and permissions in installation part. -- merlin 2004-09-10 (金) 23:59:44
  • dc? added a shellscript. perhaps this is already included in the install somewhere, i was surprised i had to manualy change all those permissions...
    • welcome dc. If you can extract package on a target machine, permissions will be correct. Prease refer release shell script. -- merlin 2004-10-23 (土) 02:59:48
 # ALL: Read only
 find . -type d | while read line; do
     chmod 755 "$line"
 find . -type f | while read line; do
     chmod 644 "$line"

 # Add write permission for PukiWiki
 chmod 777 attach backup cache counter diff trackback wiki*
 chmod 666 wiki*/*.txt cache/*.dat
  • I've addded about release of PukiWiki 1.4.4_php5, and 'tar pzxf' instructions. Please remember using 'p' :) -- henoheno 2004-10-23 (土) 14:32:19
  • How can we export all the WIKI pages to a .html or .pdf format to work off-line ? -- Thierry? 2004-12-03 (金) 19:14:09
    • Hi :) (1) Static-HTML (probably relative/short link you want?) feature is not implemented. = Web server and PHP are always needed. (2-A) Dynamic-PDF publishing feature is not available but there's CSS for printing already, so you can try printing PukiWiki pages with Adobe PDF writer or someting. (2-B) I've heard some cool guys converted PukiWiki text into TeX or SmartDoc, but these method will be too difficult for everyone, and seems not multi-purpose. -- henoheno 2004-12-03 (金) 23:55:11
    • Say, many people installed PukiWiki in ther own notebook computer to read/write someting, and some people use rsync to synchronize/mirror it. -- henoheno 2004-12-03 (金) 23:58:40
  • ‘Therefore it is capable of being called not as a fork of YukiWiki‘ forkは何と言う意味ですか。 -- 2004-12-08 (水) 10:53:12
  • 「File liist」listです -- ジャッキー? 2004-12-08 (水) 10:53:55
  • 「liist」→「list」直しました。 -- msctake? 2004-12-08 (水) 11:22:50
  • The inclusion of the paint package is by far the most interesting thing about pukiwiki, but i can't get it working based on the english documents I have.....could anybody provide some clearer instructions on how to get it working....do you have to set up a directory for it to save to for instance?? Thanks. -- Mike Bowen? 2004-12-11 (土) 06:03:32
    • You need to download bbspainter.zip and extract it within your pukiwiki directory. Your browser needs to be Java-enabled. You can set the size of paint area like #paint(width, height) where width and height need to be replaced with integers. -- ta? 2004-12-11 (土) 17:40:25
    • couldn't get #paint working with JRE1.5+bbspainter.jar -- ta? 2004-12-11 (土) 17:55:18
  • NOTE for PukiWiki 1.4.5 testing users: PukiWiki 1.4.5 and alpha have a problem with LANG=en (detail: dev:BugTrack/794). Please update into the latest 1.4.5_1. Sorry for your inconvenience. -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:38:50
  • To change permission r&w to owner group to no permission to others -- 2005-07-11 (月) 18:27:08
  • what stops people like "Dr. Evil" from changing or deleting content? -- Nerf? 2005-07-14 (木) 17:43:25
    • There're 2 ways: the one is to trun on "read-only" function and the other is to use "edit authentication", both of which can be configured in "pukiwiki.ini.php". If you want to have a more powerful user permission, you may well consider using Pukiwiki as a module for Xoops. In that case, search for B-Wiki or PukiWikiMod. -- Mr. Incredible? 2005-07-16 (土) 18:51:28
    • If you consider to protect contents from anonymous READERs (and to open them only for specific users), PKWK_READONLY functionallity will cause very strict protection from editing (and using something editable plugins). -- henoheno 2005-07-16 (土) 21:17:19
  • how can we delete a page in PukiWiki? i cant seem to find the link anywhere -- uzi? 2005-11-01 (火) 16:49:34
    • Hi. Please just remove whole contents of the page. This is one of basics of WikiWikiWeb. Note that if someone removes a page on PukiWiki, the page "RecentDeleted" will notify that. Then the other one will recover page contents from backup if s/he think. So you can't remove a page without notice. (If wiki-site administrator want, e-mail also notify everything about the site with your remote ip-address etc :) ) -- henoheno 2005-11-02 (水) 22:08:37
  • Hi, google does help us engish speaking folk a bit. try the google translation: -- problemloeser 2006-01-03 (火) 01:33:15
  • how can i submit a skin to pukiwiki? -- problemloeser 2006-01-09 (月) 19:47:54
  • Hi, is it possible to put some streaming media with pukiwiki ? thk -- pascal? 2006-01-13 (金) 13:55:07
  • I use the iso-8859-1 language setting but german umlauts do not show up in pukiwiki. if i set the language to UTF-1 I only get question marks. any suggestions? -- problemloeser 2006-03-02 (木) 02:28:01
    • This site uses UTF-8, change your settings, please. -- okkez 2006-03-02 (木) 07:51:02
    • sorry typo! i meant utf-8. but the 1.4.6. final version fixed my problem! -- problemloeser 2006-03-02 (木) 08:06:30
  • how to construct category structure? eg. Members / Male Members / 20-30 years old members. How to set those and the breadcrumbs? -- andrey? 2006-04-25 (火) 00:46:38
    • For the above category structure, how to create a page which is under the 20-30 years old member category? -- andrey? 2006-04-25 (火) 00:47:59
    • Some users use "topicpath" plugin to show breadcrumbs-navigatin with slash-separated page name like "A/B/C/D"(See header part of this site), and hack to "comment"/"pcomment" plugin to output string "foobar" for username "foobar" with a link to the page "Member/foobar". This hack helps low-lebel categorization between pages for "member information" and others. -- henoheno 2006-04-30 (日) 19:59:46
    • You seems to want to add some optional attributes: gender and age or more. How about adding special pages and using back-link? -- henoheno 2006-04-30 (日) 19:42:41
    • Example: (1) Add a link to the page ":Birth/1990-1999" to '90 user's pages (2) check back link of the page ":Birth/1990-1999" (3) '90 user's pages and pages that talk about the page ":Birth/1990-1999" will be shown -- henoheno 2006-04-30 (日) 19:59:46
  • Is it possible to show users name under the pages they made as from the .htaccess and also some revision # of the page? -- dj? 2006-05-29 (月) 15:44:36
  • where's the sandbox? -- 2006-07-09 (日) 01:23:16
    • There is a site for testing. -- henoheno 2006-07-09 (日) 23:25:57
  • is there any way to change the default placement (center) of tables? -- chris? 2006-09-12 (火) 18:00:22
  • I changed the display of the search results. You can find the sourcecode and an explanation there. -- problemloeser
  • Since my update to 1.4.7 special chars like (→) are not displayed anymore but the characters (→). Any ideas on how to fix this? I use UTF-8 as a character set. -- problemloeser

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