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FAQs about this Site(PukiWiki-official)

How can I create/edit pages on PukiWiki-official?

Please insert the desired name you want to create in the text input field near the top of the page and press the button near it.

Is English Documentation available?

English Documentation for PukiWiki is now in the process of being translated.

Where are the FormatRules?

Are SubPages possible?

PukiWiki uses SubPage-like Categories. There are some plugins that support SubPage .: ls,ls2,navi etc.

How does the Adminpassword work? Where is the Login Screen?

PukiWiki 1.3: The Adminpassword is needed to freeze/unfreeze a page.

PukiWiki 1.4: The Adminpassword must be used to Rename pages.

With respect to deleted pages, how can I find out what has been deleted?

PukiWiki 1.3 doesn't have a function that shows deleted pages.

PukiWiki 1.4 has the "deleted" plugin for showing deleted pages and content.

deleted plugin

Save Pages for Reading/Writing

pukiwiki.ini.php has two settings:

$read_auth = 0; and
$write_auth = 0;

if you set them both to 1, protection is enabled. Insert the name of the pages in this array:

$read_auth_pages = array() and
$edit_auth_pages = array()
together with the usernames, listed in
$auth_users = array()

Edit-Button next to Headers

There is a small pen icon for editing a particular section. How can I use this? Is this a plugin?

How to

How do I revert spam?

A spammer replaced good text on a page with his spam. How do I revert to the previous version?
Another spammer replaced the previous spam with his own spam. How do I revert to 2 versions ago?

At present, we can't revert automatically. Edit the page to copy from backup data.


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