#For viewing file extension in windows
        control panel → フォルダー オプション
        select 表示 tab then find out
        登録されている......表示しない and uncheck it.

#for allowing remote access
        right click on my computer icon
        From left side click on リモートの......
        in the new window select リモート tab and click on the last
        radio button then click ok.
#for Setting static IP on windows
        Control panel → ネットワーク共有センター →
        In the right side just under the globe icon
        click on ロカルエリア......
        in the new window click on プロパティ(P) button
        new window will apear and setup ip addresses.
#Software needed for windows
        FFFTP, Lhaplus, AVAST, Skype, Firefox(Coral IE Tab, Firebug, NoScript,Yslow), Pderosa, Becky for mailing, MIFES(by Shachou)

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