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      <p>name: ダニエル スペイト</p>
      <p>nationality: オーストラリア </p>
      <p>resides: 名古屋 日本</p>
      <p>date of birth: 1977/11/07</p>
      <p>height: 180cm</p>
      <p>weight: 75kg</p>
    <td width="341"><p>racing career: Triathlon since 1999</p>
      <p>best result to date: XTerra Japan Amateur Champion, 2005 </p>
      <p>current number of races per year: 12 </p>      <p>coach: Takuya Shibata</p>
    <p>weekly training hours: 10~15</p>
    <p>racing goal: XTerra Age Group World Champion  </p></td>
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    <td colspan="3">&nbsp;</td>

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