Every good carpenter and hobby woodworker needs a powerful, dependable circular saw in their tool collection.  The unbelievable adaptability of the circular saw enables it to do an astonishing diversity of things, making it among the most desired tools in most woodworking shops.  The option to adjust the depth and angle of your cut makes a variety of things possible. 
One thing, you need to decide, is what type of circular saw you're going to buy.  You really have only 2 options to choose from: in-line saws and worm-drive saws.  In-line saws are the standard choice for the typical DIY'er or hobbyist.  They give you loads of flexibility in a small, lightweight and safe package.  On the other hand, you have worm-drive circular saws, which are really best left to the professional tradesmen.  They have the motor secured parallel to the blade, which transmits far more torque to the blade.  This permits them to cut through sturdy elements like concrete, nevertheless they tend to be a great deal more dangerous because of the increased power.  Read a lot more information on that topic here: 
[http://circular-saw-reviews.info/milwaukee-6470-21-circular-saw-review/ their explanation]

For most hobby work, an in-line (or sidewinder) saw is a great option.  While they make less power than a worm-drive saw, most in-line saws should have no trouble doing nearly any job you may throw at it, other than huge industrial construction.  What's more, they are just plain lighter, easier to use and safe.  Be sure the circular saw you purchase has an electronic brake.  This feature induces the flow of electricity to be reversed as soon as you release the trigger, causing the blade to stop quickly.  This is a key and valuable safety feature. 

If portability is important to you, you might want to think about a cordless circular saw.  This will allow you to use them virtually anywhere, without the need for a generator and bulky extension cords.  There are actually a couple disadvantages to cordless circular saws: they produce less torque than their electric counterparts, and you're constrained by the runtime of the battery pack .  You could purchase additional batteries to broaden the time you can work, though make sure you remember to keep them all charged up and ready to go, which may be bothersome.

Be sure to think of the type of work you may be carrying out before purchasing any type of power tool.  This is especially right with circular saws.  If you change blades on a regular basis, buying one with a quick-change feature will save you lots of time in the future.  If you'd like deep cuts, you will need a saw with a blade capacity high enough to meet your demands.  In addition, remember to look at some circular saw reviews before you make your purchase to make sure you purchase the best circular saw for your needs.

As I mentioned at the beginning, every carpenter and DIY'er needs a solid, dependable circular saw in their tool collection.  The amazing overall flexibility of the circular saw will allow it to execute an amazing variety of chores, rendering it one of the most widely used tools around most woodworking shops.  The option to adapt the depth and angle of your cut makes all sorts of things possible.

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