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***質問 [#gb290f61]
hi, I would like to ask how to freeze a page since a lot of people keep editing what's mine. Thankyou

***回答 [#a2735033]
- You can freeze with clicked "Freeze (凍結)" in navigation bar (upper bar). -- [[-]] &new{2021-07-24 (土) 23:13:14};
+ Click "Freeze".
+ Input admin password in the input field.
+ Click "Freeze" button.
- how can i know the password of the admin ? -- [[KXYX]] &new{2021-07-29 (木) 18:04:42};
- is it possible to know the password of the admin  -- [[KXYX]] &new{2021-07-29 (木) 18:05:10};
+ Open "pukiwiki.ini.php" Directly under folder of PukiWiki.
+ Open the file in any editor and search for "$adminpass".
+ I think admin password is written in the two apostrophes. If it's md5, you should type in admin password you remember, but if you don't know, change admin password.
If "$adminpass = '{x-php-md5}!';", Change admin password now.


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