* Domain-name lost (2005-09) [#z57b371c]
- [en][Announce] Domain-name lost, official-site relocated
-- https://sourceforge.jp/forum/forum.php?forum_id=7857
 We have lost the ownership of the domain name 'pukiwiki.org' by
 our mistake. It _IS NOW_ owned by another person, who is not
 related to the 'PukiWiki Developers Team', and it is now for sale.
 So we changed the URL of the official site.

* Information about PukiWiki [#ib40213e]
You can find information about PukiWiki in English here. This translation was originally made by non-native English speakers. So if you find any mistakes or unnatural expressions, please correct them. This is one of the greatest benefits of the Wiki System, right?


** What is PukiWiki?[#m256ad9d]


PukiWiki is a Web-based tool which enables not only the webmaster but also visitors to add, delete, and modify the pages without restriction. Since PukiWiki is a Web-based tool, you can use it from your browser without additional software. It may resemble other bulletin boards in the sense that visitors can leave messages, however, while bulletin boards only allow you to leave messages, PukiWiki also allows you to change the design and contents of existing pages.

PukiWiki can be used for many purposes. Please visit [[Use PukiWiki/the Purpose of Usage>Use PukiWiki/利用目的]] to know how other people are using PukiWiki.

Mr. [[yu-ji]] (known as [[sng]]) created PukiWiki, and continued its development until the release of version 1.3. With his retirement, maintainership was passed on to the PukiWiki Developers Team.

Although started as a fork of WikiWikiWeb clone YukiWiki((created by Mr. Hiroshi Yuki)), PukiWiki is widely accepted as an independent wiki engine today.

You can freely expand PukiWiki's functionality by adding Plugins. Besides the official plugins bundled with the PukiWiki distribution package, there are many unofficial plugins also available. Please refer to [[Pukiwiki/Plug-in Specification(jp)>dev:PukiWiki/Plug-inの仕様]] to develop your own plug-in.

** Specifications & Features [#o4db0006]
- Written in PHP.
- 2-byte wide characters strings (including kanji characters) support 
- InterWiki support
- Periodical Backup
-- Unlimited page revisions
-- Colored side by side diff
- All data is stored as plain text.
-- Binary data can be attached to any page.
- "slash" divides content into directory-like hierarchy.
- Index of not-yet-created pages
- Case Sensitive WikiNames
- Automatic linking for WikiNames
- Index of back-links
- Alias for WikiName
- Custom string replacements
- Protection against edit-conflicts
- Navigation with breadcrumbs
- Automatic generation of content tables
- read only pages support
- RSS Feeds for recent changes
- Many 3rd party plugins contributed by users!
- And much more!!

[[PukiWiki.dev>dev:FrontPage]] leads you to the Developer Team's Wiki

** Status & Download [#ye33a52f]
Please refer to [[Developer's Diary>dev:開発日記]].

:Latest Version| 
stable release - 1.4.7 (2005-06-22)

*** Stable Release [#m8813385]

|Encoding | File |  Size  |h
|EUC-JP|[[pukiwiki-1.4.7.tar.gz>http://prdownloads.sourceforge.jp/pukiwiki/12957/pukiwiki-1.4.7.tar.gz]]|276.5 KB|
|~|[[pukiwiki-1.4.7.zip>http://prdownloads.sourceforge.jp/pukiwiki/12957/pukiwiki-1.4.7.zip]]|385.5 KB|
|UTF-8|[[pukiwiki-1.4.7_utf8.tar.gz>http://prdownloads.sourceforge.jp/pukiwiki/12957/pukiwiki-1.4.7_utf8.tar.gz]]|283.2 KB|
|~|[[pukiwiki-1.4.7_utf8.zip>http://prdownloads.sourceforge.jp/pukiwiki/12957/pukiwiki-1.4.7_utf8.zip]]|398.0 KB|

[[File list, MD5 etc:http://sourceforge.jp/projects/pukiwiki/files/]]

*** Download development versions tarball from CVS [#la1ed441]
- [[PukiWiki 1.4.x dev>cvs:pukiwiki.tar.gz?tarball=1&only_with_tag=MAIN]]
- [[PukiWiki 1.3.x dev>cvs:pukiwiki.tar.gz?tarball=1&only_with_tag=r1_3_3_branch]]

** Requirements [#b0f2d7fe]
PukiWiki is written in PHP, so it requires a PHP environment.&br;
PHP 4.1 or later is recommended.

For use of multibyte features, PHP's  multibyte extension is required.

** Installation [#y7d3de37]
- Download the Pukiwiki archive file from this site.
- Decompress the archive on the local or target system. (NOTE from 1.4.4: Don't forget the 'p' option of tar, to preserve default permission)

    tar pzxf pukiwiki1.4.x.tar.gz

    unzip pukiwiki1.4.x.tar.gz

- Edit pukiwiki.ini.php to reflect your environment.
-- Default data in English is in the wiki.en dir, so please rename wiki.en to wiki.
-- Default language settings are for Japanese and EUC-JP, change the LANG & SOURCE_ENCODING constant in lib/init.php  as follows.~
// -   define('SOURCE_ENCODING','EUC-JP');
// -   define('LANG','ja');  // Select 'ja' or 'en'
    define('LANG','en');  // Select 'ja' or 'en'

- If the file / directory permissions are not for your paln, check as follows:

|~Directory|~Permission|~more secure|h
|~attach |777|707|
|~backup |777|707|
|~cache  |777|707|
|~diff   |777|707|
|~face   |755|705|
|~image  |755|705|
|~lib    |755|705|
|~plugin |755|705|
|~skin   |755|705|
|~wiki   |777|707|
|~cache/* |666|606|
|~diff/*  |666|606|
|~face/*  |644|604|
|~image/* |644|604|
|~lib/*   |644|604|
|~skin/*  |644|604|
|~wiki/*  |666|606|
|~*.php   |644|604|
|~*.lng   |644|604|
|~*.txt   |644|604|

- Access from your Browser and enjoy !

The above is a pain to copy and paste, so here is a (sloppy) shell script:

 chmod 777 attach
 chmod 777 backup
 chmod 777 cache
 chmod 777 counter
 chmod 777 diff
 chmod 755 face
 chmod 705 image
 chmod 755 lib
 chmod 755 plugin
 chmod 755 skin
 chmod 777 trackback
 chmod 777 wiki
 chmod 606 attach/*
 chmod 606 backup/*
 chmod 606 cache/*	
 chmod 666 diff/*	
 chmod 606 face/*	
 chmod 644 image/*	
 chmod 644 lib/*	
 chmod 644 plugin/*
 chmod 644 skin/*	
 chmod 606 trackback/*
 chmod 606 wiki/*	
 chmod 604 *.php	
 chmod 604 *.lng	
 chmod 604 *.txt


** Documents in English [#qd86d331]
-[[What's PukiWiki?]]-General FAQ
-[[FormatRule]] --- Detailed Formatting Syntax.
-[[Format Rule Examples>FormatExample]] --- This is the page to which you should be referred when you click the link at the bottom of the edit page; it contains a quick format reference.
-Plugin Information
-DRAFT: [[readme.txt>./readme_draft]]

* Anti Wiki SPAMming [#z78426c0]

- Some info about Wiki SPAM (Japanese): [[dev:BugTrack/772]]

** (Google) nofollow attribute ready [#c693f488]

PukiWiki 1.4.5 or later generates ALL external links with "rel=nofollow" attribute. PukiWiki is not covenient for SEO SPAMming.

- For detail: [[dev:BugTrack/785]]

** Using edit_auth [#q8ef0e4a]

To stop robotic/indiscriminate SPAMming for your public site quickly, how about:
+ Using $edit_auth (HTTP basic-auth for editing) to all pages
+ Share a common account with users by noticing the user/password (Some sites notice it at FrontPage or MenuBar)
+ You(wiki administrator) can easily change the user/password.

* Comments [#c04786a0]
[[Comments/About PukiWiki]]
//#pcomment(Comments/About PukiWiki)

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