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//((英語分からないので助けてください。 -- [[ぱんだ]]))
FAQs about this Site(PukiWiki-official)


** How can I create/edit pages on PukiWiki-official? [#n467fa40]
Please insert the desired name you want to create in the text input field near the top of the page and press the button near it.

** Is English Documentation available? [#c55ced9d]
English Documentation for PukiWiki is now in the process of being translated. 

** Where are the [[FormatRules>FormatRule]]? [#bac5ad00]
-Take a look here [[Detailed Format Rule>FormatRule]]
-Please have a look here [[Simplified Format Rules>FormatExample]] as well.

** Are SubPages possible? [#i2e598d7]
PukiWiki uses SubPage-like Categories. There are some plugins that support SubPage .: ls,ls2,navi etc. 

** How does the Adminpassword work? Where is the Login Screen? [#uadee687]
~PukiWiki 1.3: The Adminpassword is needed to freeze/unfreeze a page.
~PukiWiki 1.4: The Adminpassword must be used to Rename pages.

** With respect to deleted pages, how can I find out what has been deleted? [#l3491bde]
~PukiWiki 1.3 doesn't have a function that shows deleted pages.
~PukiWiki 1.4 has the "deleted" plugin for showing deleted pages and content.
:deleted plugin|
-type : command
-synopsys : ?cmd=deleted
-function : Shows a named list of deleted pages.

** Save Pages for Reading/Writing [#x4871240]
~ pukiwiki.ini.php has two settings:
 $read_auth = 0; and
 $write_auth = 0;
~if you set them both to 1, protection is enabled. Insert the name of the pages in this array:
 $read_auth_pages = array() and
 $edit_auth_pages = array()
together with the usernames, listed in 
 $auth_users = array()
-Is it possible to show a key or something like that on pages linking to closed pages?
-- I cannot see why you would need to show a key on the certain pages. 
-- For example on the Page "RecentChanges", so users who haven't an account for closed pages, don't click on them.
-- I thought you wanted to show the password itself... look at the bottom of this page, anyway.

** Edit-Button next to Headers [#zf745cc8]
There is a small pen icon for editing a particular section. How can I use this? Is this a plugin?
- There exists a patch so called "paraedit". See [[para_edit.diff>dev:PukiWiki/1.4/ちょっと便利に/見出しごとの編集(fixed_anchor版)]].
*** How to [#c4233633]
-''(STEP1) pukiwiki.php''
~Insert the folowing code at the beginning of main script.
 $post["msg"] = _plugin_paraedit_parse_postmsg($post["msg_before"], $post["msg"], $post["msg_after"]);
-''(STEP2)skin (skin/pukiwiki.skin.en.php, or skin/pukiwiki.skin.php)''
&br;Replace <?php echo $body?> with:
 <?php include_once 'plugin/paraedit.inc.php'; echo _plugin_paraedit_mkeditlink($body); ?>
(PukiWiki1.3.5 has 1 line for it.1.4rc3 has two lines for it.)
~upload paraedit.inc.php([[download:http://linux.s33.xrea.com:8080/SxWiki/?plugin=attach&openfile=paraedit.inc.-0.6a-.php&refer=ParaEdit]])to your plugin directory
~some archives: [[dev:PukiWiki/1.3/自作プラグイン/ParaEdit]] (Japanese page)
--''(STEP4-A-)If you use Pukiwiki1.3.5 follow this instruction''.&br;
[Edit] "html.php"&br; Search the following line(it would be found in "function convert_html" in html.php):
 array_push($result, "<h$level><a name=\"content_{$content_id_local}_$content_count\"></a>$str $top_link</h$level>");
And replace it with the following new code:
 $paraedit_flag = ($content_id_local == 1) ? ' paraedit_flag=on' : '';
 array_push($result, "<h$level $paraedit_flag><a name=\"content_{$content_id_local}_$content_count\"></a>$str $top_link</h$level>");
--''(STEP4-B-) If you use Pukiwiki1.4 follow this instruction''.&br;
[EDIT]"convert_html.php (lib/convert_html.php)"&br; Search the following 2 lines(it would be found in "class Heading extends Block".):
 return $this->msg_top.
 	$this->wrap(parent::toString(),'h'.$this->level," id=\"{$this->id}\"");
Replace them with the following 3 lines:
 $paraedit_flag = (preg_match("/^content_1_/", $this->id)) ? ' paraedit_flag=on' : '';
 return $this->msg_top.
 	$this->wrap(parent::toString(),'h'.$this->level," id=\"{$this->id}\"$paraedit_flag");

** How do I revert spam? [#y006fc82]
~A spammer replaced good text on a page with his spam. How do I revert to the previous version?~
Another spammer replaced the previous spam with his own spam. How do I revert to 2 versions ago?~

~At present, we can't revert automatically. Edit the page to copy from backup data.

**Comments. [#m028f159]
-In RecentChanges I found nothing :-( &br;
And a few feedback for Pukiwiki 1.3.4, which I'm using (in German ;-)):
"_" in css-class-names is not allowed, I changed this in my version.
-[[Errata in REC-CSS2-19980512:http://www.w3.org/Style/css2-updates/REC-CSS2-19980512-errata.html]] (W3C)
>[2001-07-30] The underscore should be allowed in identifiers. Change "In CSS2, identifiers [...] can contain only the characters [A-Za-z0-9] and ISO 10646 characters 161 and higher, plus the hyphen (-)" to:
>>In CSS2, identifiers [...] contains only the characters [A-Za-z0-9] and ISO 10646 characters 161 and higher, plus the hyphen (-) and the underscore (_)

-You can start with ":" when you make a closed page, which prevents the page from listed on "RecentChanges". Or you can make a certain rule for closed pages and let your visitors know on your site.(i.e. the pages end with capitalized character indicates the closed pages...)
-Well, if you want to show the key automatically on every link in Pukiwiki, you need to hack certain files.(maybe make_link.php controls the global link system.) Plus some plugins also produce a list of links automatically: recent.inc.php, ls2.inc.php,etc...
-Pukiwiki provides some functions to check if the page is readable/editable or not. And some plugin use these functions: include.inc.php is one of them. And here is the list of the functions for page restriction -[[pukiwiki.dev-plugin>dev:PukiWiki/1.4/ちょっと便利に/任意のページごとの閲覧・編集制限#fdd50fbf]].
This resource is also useful when you make a plugin - [[plugin document>dev:PukiWiki/1.4/ちょっと便利に/任意のページごとの閲覧・編集制限]]. Unfortunately, these documents are written in Japanese. - Olorin

- Is there an area for Q&A in English anywhere? Temporarily I will make this page
-Hi. How do I customize the side menu? I would like to add a calander as well and also display more items instead of the usual 20 items. Can anyone please help? Thank you. -- [[Sean]] &new{2005-09-03 (土) 02:37:20};
-Hi. How do I customize the side menu? I would like to add a calander2 plugin and also display more items instead of the usual 20 items. Can anyone please help? Thank you. -- [[Sean]] &new{2005-09-03 (土) 02:37:20};
--Default menubar width is too small to add a Carendar2. To change the way a menubar appears on your PukiWiki, you should style the menubar tags with this PukiWiki CSS Template (skin/pukiwiki.css.php on Version 1.4.5_1).  --  &new{2005-09-03 (土) 14:49:16};
- DATA_DIR is not found or not writable --  &new{2006-05-03 (水) 01:24:44};

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