Plugins Manual

Notation in this manual

In this plugin manual, we have followed the conventions in notation below.

Plugin Name

Plugin type

The context(s) in which the plugin can be used. Some plugins can be used in more than one context type.

  • Command type - The plugin can be called as a command. Marked with parentheses if it is only used internally.
  • Block type - The plugin can be called as a block type plugin.
  • Inline type - The plugin can be called as an inline type plugin.
  • Pseudo-block type - The functionality implemented in the PukiWiki core. It can be called as if it were a block type plugin.

Rating of general use frequency and usefulness, from "*" (least important) to "*****" (most important)


How to call the plugin, with the types of the parameters.

  • [] - Optional parameter, can be omitted
  • | - One of the options separated by | can be used
  • {} - Parameters that can be given in an arbitrary order.

Description of the plugin's functionality


Description of the each parameter


Constants defined in the source code of the plugin. Useful for changing something that cannot be done with parameters.


Other information on the plugin

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