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The definisions in this table are used by attach.inc.php for the determination of the file contents-type.

image/jpegjpeg jpgjpeg image
image/gifgifgif image
image/pngpngpng image
application/pdfpdfpdf file
application/x-shockwave-flashswfflash file
video/mpgmpgmpg video file
application/vnd.rn-realmediarmRealPlayer video file
video/quicktimemovquicktime video file
video/aviaviavi video file
video/x-ms-wmvwmvWindows Media video file
audio/mp3mp3MP3 sound file
audio/wavwav wavewave sound file
audio/vnd.rn-realaudiora ramRealAudio sound file
audio/midimid midimidi sound file
application/x-zip-compressedzipzip compressed file
application/x-lzh-compressedlzhlzh compressed file
application/x-gzipgzg-zip compressed file
application/x-bz2-compressedbz2bz2 compressed file
application/x-compressz tgzcompress compressed file
application/x-cab-compressedcabcab compressed file
application/x-stuffitsitstuff it compressed file
application/x-tartartar archive
text/plaintxt text dat jis euc sjis sjs asc utf utf8 csvplain text
text/htmlhtml htmhtml document
image/svg-xmlsvgsvg(Scalable Vector Graphics)
application/ms-downloadexeWindows executable file
application/ms-worddocMS-Word document file
application/ms-excelxlsMS-Excel document file
application/ms-accessmdb mdeMS-Access database file
application/ms-powerpointppt ppsMS-Powerpoint presentation file

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