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  • I suggest two features be implemented in future release of pukiwiki. 1. something similar to the fuzzy search of phpwiki so that incorrectly and similarly spelled English words can also be found. 2. user-defined formatting syntax, with some pre-defined style for selection. This will facilitate wiki migration. -- at 2004-09-30 (木) 21:27:22
    • Welcome at . 1st one is good idea. But 2nd is very difficut to keep consistences between format rules. Format rule selection (WikiWikiWeb-type , PHPWiki-type ,etc) can be introduced to PukiWiki , I suppose. -- merlin 2004-09-30 (木) 22:10:55
    • I mean that formatting syntax to be definable at site level, not user level. I know it is difficult or even counter-productive to have formatting rules to be definable at user level, considering that a single page may be edited by many individuals. -- at 2004-09-30 (木) 22:37:05
    • Update: Here is an example of what I mean for user-defined formatting syntax. Here is an example of what I mean pre-defined style for selection. Please note the input box named スタイル. -- at 2004-10-01 (金) 03:02:07
    • I see . I pushed this to BugTrack/711. -- merlin 2004-10-01 (金) 12:32:52
    • Thanks merlin. -- at 2004-10-01 (金) 19:22:27
  • I have downloaded and tried version 1.4.4 for a while and want to point out the followings.
    • Hi,at. Thanks for useful advices. Which version did you try? Please try MAIN cvs version,because many changes have been applied after 1.4.4. --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 13:35:00
    • I have created a few pages which have links pointing to one and other. Then, I have tried to rename one page by clicking the rename icon at the botton bar. The page is renamed but all the links referred to it are broken, still pointing to the "old page". Besides, after some deleting and renaming, I discover that some of the reference links at the footer is pointing to deleted page with a time stamp of (12694d);
      • Yes. "rename" feature with changing refered page is not implimented now. --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 13:35:00
    • A very simple setup script may be needed to configure the initial setting, such as language and character encoding, without manually editing the several separated config, skin and plugin files. (e.g. the rss plugin would most likely be omitted at first);
      • We are now changing multilingual feature ,language setups and skin setups. Your advices are very useful. PukiWiki-2.0 will have multilingual features,I suppose. --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 13:35:00
      • No-no, it will be 1.4.x :D -- henoheno 2004-10-04 (月) 20:58:17
      • Sorry, I used multilingual features as Full multilingual features. --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 21:03:59
  • User management may not be your emphasis, but a wiki page with a plugin to add and delete users, change password etc. would be very nice;
    • We know most users are using PukiWiki not only Wiki but also a simple CMS. A good implimentaion of PukiWiki to Xoops (called BWiki) exsists , so the priority of user management is not so high. --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 13:35:00
    • If there is a user-management component, like XOOPS's engine for PukiWiki, it'll be very interesting :) -- henoheno 2004-10-04 (月) 20:56:13
  • For the past few weeks, I have visited many wiki sites to look for one to use personally. I have found that pukiwiki is one of those with most features. Your development are very active with many discussions, yet the site is kept very organized and informative. Many of the above may have been discussed before. It is a pity that I know too little Japanese. -- at 2004-10-04 (月) 05:53:55
    • Thanks a lot :D . Do you think the place (or pages or sites) for International users are needed? We are now considering the reconstruction of PukiWiki English Site. Any advice is welcomed :) --merlin 2004-10-04 (月) 13:35:00
  • You may consider the followings for the English site.
    • You may start with setting up a quick English demo installation with a web server virtual host, and move the existing English content to it. Working on providing an organized and structured content
    • Finish the English version of Plugin Help, highlight unique features of PukiWiki and invite comments. Also write some English articles about your current development and future releases, direction of development, and objective and mission of the development team as a whole.
    • There are a lot of to do items in the WebTrack and BugTrack system. Figure out which part of development needs help and solicite participation. If interest of foreign users or developers arises, try to assign jobs for them. If needed, write some English technical documents of the PukiWiki system for committed foreign developers. And then decide what to do next depending on the level of foreign interest;
    • The combined paraedit, weblog and cal plugin at Taiwan PukiWiki would be quite attractive, as much is being discussed about the integration of weblog and wiki;
    • Also, this one line comment input box is not suitable for entering English. A four line scroll box would be more suitable for quick and short English comments;
  • Create some attractive css like those of FrontPage - yoshi's ぷきうぃき and Aerie.HomePage - Aetheric Aerie. People love colors.
  • When prepared, promote your site by submitting articles to foreign blog and wiki sites about wiki technology. There are also some reviewers writing articles and comparisons on various wiki engines. (Here is an example) Find and selectively ask them to include PukiWiki. -- at 2004-10-07 (木) 12:38:45
    • area glacial academies causes developer sensitivity public -- krystalyns 2010-03-16 (火) 05:46:19
  • Think ahead a way to counter wiki spam before the site become known and popular. -- at 2004-10-07 (木) 19:37:15
  • Waoo! I will translate these to Japanese. -- merlin 2004-10-09 (土) 11:56:29
  • yes, please translate pukiwiki to english, I would like to understand it better :D -- Zegg90 2005-02-20 (日) 02:21:33
  • Hi! I've encountered a problem when using PukiWiki on my hosting. Basically, MainMenu page and any pages included via &include() won't show up. In generated source i have only <div id="menubar"></div> . Do you have any idea why is that? <- link to phpinfo. Thank you! -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 20:50:03
    • oops! MainMenu -> MenuBar, i confused it -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 20:51:43
    • Hi :) Then, where is your PukiWiki having the problem? Can we see it? Did you mean: #include :) -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:22:27
    • is the url -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 21:25:36
      • I understand. PukiWiki 1.4.5 (and alpha) have a problem with LANG=en (Detail: BugTrack/794). Please check the latest 1.4.5_1. Sorry for your inconvenience. -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:29:14
      • (? Site admin: nihon-jin? (^^; ... oh, It's your nickname!) -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:32:59
      • Thank You! that patch fixed my problem well ^_^ Now i can spread out good word about PukiWiki to the world :) nihon-jin = nickname given to me by my japanese friends, but i can only speak japanese, not read it :( Again, thank you very much for your help! -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 21:41:46
  • hi, i installed 1.4.6rc1 and noticed that you use tables for your page layout. are you interested in replacing that with valid xhtml (transitional) and css? i would provide you with an updated pukiwiki.php and a new default.en.css. The benefit would be, that people can create their own will be able to create their own custom layouts. -- problemloeser 2005-10-05 (水) 02:04:11
    • Hi :) If memory serves, it's just a historical and practical reason using table-tag layout by default, that helps many(old) web browsers to show the same view. If you feel someting about XHTML with HTML-lint warning, it's probabry the same reason. Have a look at tDiary skin with tDiary themes, or other 3rd party skins for table-less layout. hirokasa has interesting demo site about skins. -- henoheno 2005-10-07 (金) 00:25:52
  • I'm trying to use PukiWiki on PHP 4.3.10. Everything is working, including freezing pages, but the problem comes up when I try to restrict page editing to user accounts; the username/passwords do not work, with or without {x-php-md5}. Any help would be gladly appreciated. -- velocity7 2005-11-12 (土) 15:51:13
    • 1. Is the password encrypted correctly? 2. Is "Edit Auth" enabled?(set to "1") 3. Is "Edit auth regex" set correctly? - 2005-11-13 (日) 15:47:34
      // Edit auth (0:Disable, 1:Enable)
      $edit_auth = 1;
      $auth_users = array(
      	'test'	=> 'test', // Cleartext
      $edit_auth_pages = array(
      	'#^PukiWiki#'	=> 'test',
  • Anyway, plain-text password is not recommended. - 2005-11-13 (日) 15:47:34
  • Edit Auth is already enabled, as is the username/password and regex setup in the proper manner. -- velocity7 2005-11-14 (月) 09:40:56
    • I mean that the username/password is setup correctly, as well as the regular expressions... -- velocity7 2005-11-14 (月) 09:49:26
  • Is it possible to show the the Wiki´s content in alphabetical order? -- Someone 2006-09-05 (火) 23:46:02
    • Hi, which should be prefered 'A' or 'a' for your site? Probably it's page_list() at lib/func.php. 2006-09-11 (月) 23:02:58 -- henoheno 2006-09-11 (月) 23:01:38
  • Hi, I'd like to place a caption under a figure, but I can't figure out a nice way to do it using &ref or the standard table, any suggestions? -- chris 2006-09-18 (月) 21:29:48
    • Hi. In the circumstance, how about... -- henoheno 2006-09-19 (火) 22:27:48
      CENTER:''caption'' &br; caption. caption.
      | &ref(image2); &br; ''caption.'' caption. caption.|
      | table |
      CENTER:''caption'' &br; caption. caption.
      #creating_original_plugin(image,''caption.'' caption. caption.)

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