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  • yes, please translate pukiwiki to english, I would like to understand it better :D -- Zegg90 2005-02-20 (日) 02:21:33
  • Hi! I've encountered a problem when using PukiWiki on my hosting. Basically, MainMenu page and any pages included via &include() won't show up. In generated source i have only <div id="menubar"></div> . Do you have any idea why is that? <- link to phpinfo. Thank you! -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 20:50:03
    • oops! MainMenu -> MenuBar, i confused it -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 20:51:43
    • Hi :) Then, where is your PukiWiki having the problem? Can we see it? Did you mean: #include :) -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:22:27
    • is the url -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 21:25:36
      • I understand. PukiWiki 1.4.5 (and alpha) have a problem with LANG=en (Detail: BugTrack/794). Please check the latest 1.4.5_1. Sorry for your inconvenience. -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:29:14
      • (? Site admin: nihon-jin? (^^; ... oh, It's your nickname!) -- henoheno 2005-02-26 (土) 21:32:59
      • Thank You! that patch fixed my problem well ^_^ Now i can spread out good word about PukiWiki to the world :) nihon-jin = nickname given to me by my japanese friends, but i can only speak japanese, not read it :( Again, thank you very much for your help! -- filip 2005-02-26 (土) 21:41:46
  • hi, i installed 1.4.6rc1 and noticed that you use tables for your page layout. are you interested in replacing that with valid xhtml (transitional) and css? i would provide you with an updated pukiwiki.php and a new default.en.css. The benefit would be, that people can create their own will be able to create their own custom layouts. -- problemloeser 2005-10-05 (水) 02:04:11
    • Hi :) If memory serves, it's just a historical and practical reason using table-tag layout by default, that helps many(old) web browsers to show the same view. If you feel someting about XHTML with HTML-lint warning, it's probabry the same reason. Have a look at tDiary skin with tDiary themes, or other 3rd party skins for table-less layout. hirokasa has interesting demo site about skins. -- henoheno 2005-10-07 (金) 00:25:52
  • I'm trying to use PukiWiki on PHP 4.3.10. Everything is working, including freezing pages, but the problem comes up when I try to restrict page editing to user accounts; the username/passwords do not work, with or without {x-php-md5}. Any help would be gladly appreciated. -- velocity7 2005-11-12 (土) 15:51:13
    • 1. Is the password encrypted correctly? 2. Is "Edit Auth" enabled?(set to "1") 3. Is "Edit auth regex" set correctly? - 2005-11-13 (日) 15:47:34
      // Edit auth (0:Disable, 1:Enable)
      $edit_auth = 1;
      $auth_users = array(
      	'test'	=> 'test', // Cleartext
      $edit_auth_pages = array(
      	'#^PukiWiki#'	=> 'test',
  • Anyway, plain-text password is not recommended. - 2005-11-13 (日) 15:47:34
  • Edit Auth is already enabled, as is the username/password and regex setup in the proper manner. -- velocity7 2005-11-14 (月) 09:40:56
    • I mean that the username/password is setup correctly, as well as the regular expressions... -- velocity7 2005-11-14 (月) 09:49:26
  • aRneKhVLgKWixHnUH -- ulyjkv 2014-02-09 (日) 18:25:54
  • XHiZCWQEiT -- ildrsmt 2014-02-11 (火) 04:06:56
  • Is it possible to show the the Wiki´s content in alphabetical order? -- Someone 2006-09-05 (火) 23:46:02
    • Hi, which should be prefered 'A' or 'a' for your site? Probably it's page_list() at lib/func.php. 2006-09-11 (月) 23:02:58 -- henoheno 2006-09-11 (月) 23:01:38
      • ULXuIGByDlWbcqxoQkz -- ekkasvnzhx 2014-02-09 (日) 18:25:48
      • xnOFWiMiXhNxrq -- wotftlos 2014-02-11 (火) 04:06:40
  • Hi, I'd like to place a caption under a figure, but I can't figure out a nice way to do it using &ref or the standard table, any suggestions? -- chris 2006-09-18 (月) 21:29:48
    • Hi. In the circumstance, how about... -- henoheno 2006-09-19 (火) 22:27:48
      CENTER:''caption'' &br; caption. caption.
      | &ref(image2); &br; ''caption.'' caption. caption.|
      | table |
      CENTER:''caption'' &br; caption. caption.
      #creating_original_plugin(image,''caption.'' caption. caption.)
  • WLNavWTJMpyFfgQpt -- bjdjfur 2015-05-26 (火) 00:23:19
  • I am trying to add the auto translation function into my local PukiWiki page. If there any way that I can make it? -- [[Chin ]] 2012-03-25 (日) 19:47:38
    • Please check a forked version PukiWiki-Plus. It contains experiments about i18n feature. --merlin 2012-03-29 (木) 12:40:00
  • Español -- Espanol 2020-09-22 (火) 12:28:27
  • Español -- Espanol 2020-09-22 (火) 12:28:31
  • rossz -- sythex 2021-03-16 (火) 06:30:12

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