plugin.php rewrite


Plugin.php was pretty damn messy (quite a few of the lib stuff is) so i've rewritten all of it. I'll be going through all /lib/ and rewriting so that it's at least not as literal as it was.


Please descrive what is/are the point(s)

Comments for the license

Investigation: slightly hard to review

If you want me to rewrite this then I'll be more than happy to make even better code. As for the proposals - most of the pages for proposals are old, and when I first came here I literally thought it was a dead project. If you give me a page for proposals other than where I have already posted (check my page) then I will gladly outline very clearly what changes I'd like to make. Apologies for any issues we've had in the past. Kindest regards, JordanC


*1 開発版を対象にしたパッチを下さい。優れたアイデアなら、stableを対象にしても構いませんが、丸ごとよこした場合はもちろん伝わり辛くなります

添付ファイル: fileplugin.php.fileid_2289.php 90件 [詳細] fileplugin.php.fileid_2259.php 86件 [詳細] fileplugin.php.fileid_2256.php 89件 [詳細]

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