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  • This is a testing document for PukiWiki's Formatting rules. It may be used as examples for the documentation later on. ---Bjorn
  • Oh! It's a very useful format for summarizing Text Formatting Rule. --merlin 2003-10-15 (水) 12:35:09
  • Wow. Your immediate work is astonishing to me! Added the description for "line breaking at end of the line". I think this is what you reffered, Bjorn. And ,probably, you can use include plug-in to insert formatted headings. But it requires another page to be included... I also added Nesting Elements from Text Formatting Rule. ---Olorin 2003-10-16 (木) 01:11:09
  • Thanks, both of you for the compliments. ^_^ I have cleaned up a little a bit more.----Bjorn

Inline Elements

In the following table you can see how to use the inline text elements of PukiWiki

Format exampleFormatting codeComment
Emphasised text''Emphasised text''Put the text between two single quotes.
Italic text'''Italic text'''Put the text between three single quotes.
Text with
a break
Text with &br; a break
Text in font size 24&size(24){Text in font size 24};
Purple text&color(purple){Purple text};
Colored text&color(#123456){Colored text};
Red text with yellow backbround&color(red,yellow){Red text with yellow background};
Strikethrough text%%Strikethrough text%%
*1((This is the footnote's text))This inserts a footnote with the given text at the bottom of the page.
&ref(): The style ref(filename,pagename) is ambiguous and become obsolete. Please try ref(pagename/filename);
This inserts a reference.
It also inserts attached images.
&aname(Anchor);This inserts an invisible anchor for hyperlinking.
4440&counter;This inserts a counter. What does it count, in fact?
2&online;What does this do, in fact?
&version;I guess this inserts the current version number of PukiWiki itself?
WikiNameWikiNameThis create a link to another pages on the same Pukiwiki site.
BracketName[[BracketName]]This creates a link to another page on a same Pukiwiki site.
External link[[External link:http://www.example.com]]This creates links to pages on other web sites.
InterWikiLink:page name[[InterWikiLink:page name]]This creates a link to another Wiki, right?
Alias[[Alias>FrontPage]]This enables you to make a link to a page in Pukiwiki with a different name.
Alias[[Alias>InterWikiLink:page name]]Advanced Link style: the combination of Alias and InterWiki
Inline text
Inline text
Inline text&br;Inline text&br; is replaced with a line break.
Inline text~
Inline text~
The ~, followed by a line break works as an escape character that disables the # character, which normally activates a plugin.
cf.Paragraph(Block Elements)

Block Elements

In what follows, examples for the block elements will be given. First, you will see the example as it should be entered into PukiWiki,and next is the result you'll get.

Preformatted text

 Preformatted text. There is a space in front of this text.
Preformatted text. There is a space in front of this text. 


*Heading level 1
**Heading level 2
***Heading level 3

There are no examples of how the heading looks like here, because they would disturb the structure of this document. But take a look at the headings above and below to see how it might look.

Paragraphs and the tilde as and escape character

~*This will not be displayed as a heading


*This will not be displayed as a heading

Line break escape example~
#comment (disables first letter formatting rule, which is used to activate plug-ins.)

Line break escape example

#comment (disables first letter formatting rule, which is used to activate plug-ins.)


>Quote Level 1
>>Quote Level 2
>>>Quote Level 3

Quote Level 1

Quote Level 2

Quote Level 3

Unordered lists

-Unordered list level 1
--Unordered list level 2
---Unordered list level 3
  • Unordered list level 1
    • Unordered list level 2
      • Unordered list level 3

Ordered lists

+Ordered list level 1
++Ordered list level 2
+++Ordered list level 3
  1. Ordered list level 1
    1. Ordered list level 2
      1. Ordered list level 3

Definition lists



A comment is hidden here: 

A comment is hidden here:

Horizontal Rule






|RIGHT:100|CENTER:|SIZE(20)|c -------------- format definition line
|~Header|Header2|Header3|h ----------------- header line
|footer|>|CENTER:colspan|f ----------------- footer line

CSV Table

,aaa , bbb , ccc

Special entities :

Special entityCodeComments
  You may not be able to see it,
but there is a non-breaking space in the first column.
It prevents a line from being broken at that point.

You can define any unicode character up to #32000 using this code. Please note that you need a font that supports the character, or you will not be able to see it.
世You can use characters from all over the world!
♂It is a man's world.
♀But it would be nothing without a woman.
∞We could go on like this forever...
ΩΩBut here it must end.

Nesting Elements

Paragraph Element-Emphasize Element

~This is the paragraph, which is the parent element that contains emphasized text. 
''This is the emphasized text, that is the child element of the paragraph element.''

This is the paragraph, which is the parent element that contains emphasized text. This is the emphasized text, that is the child element of the paragraph element.

Quotation Element-List Element

>Quotation Level[1]AAA
~Quotation Level[1]BBB
>>Quotation Level[2]AAA
~Quotation Level[2]BBB
>>>Quotation Level[3]
-Child Element-List Level[1]
|TABLE|ELEMENT|NEXT|to|the Inline|element|in a list|
--Child Element-List Level[2]
&br;Line Break in a Element
---Child Element-List Level[3]
--Child Element-List Level[2]
---Child Element-List Level[3]
<<Quotation Level[1]
>>Quotation Level[2]
<<Get out of the Quotation Level2 Element
>>>Quotation Level[3]AAA
>>>Quotation Level[3]BBB
-Child Element-List Level[1]
--Child Element-List Level[2]
---Child Element-List Level[3]


Quotation Level[1]AAA

Quotation Level[1]BBB

Quotation Level[2]AAA

Quotation Level[2]BBB

Quotation Level[3]

  • Child Element-List Level[1]
    TABLEELEMENTNEXTtothe Inlineelementin a list
    • Child Element-List Level[2]
      Line Break in a Element
      • Child Element-List Level[3]
    • Child Element-List Level[2]
      • Child Element-List Level[3]

Quotation Level[1]

Quotation Level[2]

Get out of the Quotation Level2 Element

Quotation Level[3]AAA

Quotation Level[3]BBB

  • Child Element-List Level[1]
    • Child Element-List Level[2]
      • Child Element-List Level[3]

This section needs to be brushed up.

Enhancements with Plug-in

How can I attach/upload files and images?

Required Plug-ins

"Attach" and "Ref"

How to
  1. First, you need to upload the file or image by using "attach plug-in". You can recognise the icon of "clip"- something like these:attach.png or file.png, at the bottom of the page. Or there may exist a "text link" which leads you to the upload page at the top, but it depends on the "skin".
  2. If you fihish uploading the file or image, you can call the uploaded ones by using "ref plug-in"

How to make a link

First let's focus on their grammatical styles.

[[pukiwiki:Use PukiWiki]]..........[a]&br;
[[whatever u like:http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/?Use%20PukiWiki]]...[b]&br;
[[Another Name(Alias)>FormattingSandbox]]......[c]&br;
[[external Alias>http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/]]...[d]&br;

pukiwiki:Use PukiWiki..........[a]
whatever u like...[b]
Another Name(Alias)......[c]
external Alias...[d]

[a] is an InterWiki styled link. [b] is a Link styled link with a text link. [b'] is a Link styled link with an image link.

Eventually, each of them will direct us the same page: http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/?Use%20PukiWiki . Because "pukiwiki" is defined in the InterWikiName as following:

[http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/? pukiwiki] utf8
Link StyleLeft SideRight Side
InterWikiInterWikiName(Defined URL)Additional URL
LinkLink textReal URL
AliasLink textReal URL(WikiName/BracketName)

*1 This is the footnote's text

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