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This is a testing document for PukiWiki's Formatting rules. It may be used as examples for the documentation later on. ---Bjorn

*Inline Elements [#v2f727fb]

|''Format example''|''Formatting code''|''Comment''|
|''Emphasised text''|''Emphasised text''|Put the text between two single quotes.|
|'''Italic text'''|'''Italic text'''|Put the text between three single quotes.|
|Text with&br;a break|Text with &br; a break||
|&size(24){Text in font size 24};| &size(24){Text in font size 24};||
|&color(red){Red text};| &color(red){Red text};||
|&color(#123456){Colored text};| &color(#123456){Colored text};||
|&color(red,yellow){Red text with yeloow backbround};| &color(red,yellow){Red text with yellow background};||
|%%Strikethrough text%%| %%Strikethrough text%%||
|((This is the footnote's text))|((This is the footnote's text))|This inserts a footnote with the given text at the bottom of the page.|
|((Footnote Name))|((Footnote Name))|This inserts a footnote into the page(?)|
|~Paragraph| ~Paragraph||
|A comment is hidden here: //Comment|A comment is hidden here: //Comment|You cannot see it, but a comment hidden in the text.|
|Inline text~| Inline text~|What does this do?|
|>Quote| >Quote||
|-List| -List||

*Block Elements [#veaf1193]
 Preformatted text. There is a space in front of the text.

*Special entities : [#nb14c38a]

|''Special entity''|''Code''|''Comments''|
|&page;|&page;|This one doesn't seem to work?|
|&date;|&date;|This one doesn't seem to work?|
|&time;|&time;|This one doesn't seem to work?|
|&now;|&now;|This one doesn't seem to work?|
| | |You may not be able to see it,&br;but there is a non-breaking space in the first column. &br; It prevents a line from being broken at that point.|
|Is this a normal space?|
|||And this, a minus sign? |


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