We’re not cogs in a machine.  That’s really not the ideal. ray ban eyewear sale http://www.dezineforce.co.uk
There’s a lot more than taxes to “keep you down”. There’s the rising grocery prices, the rising gas prices, the soon to come rising electric costs because of the new regulations on the coal and coal burning electric industries. Then in 2014 the taxes from the “Affordable Care Act” take effect. There’s no fewer than 20 new taxes in the Act, at least 7 of which directly affect the entire middle class, the lower, true middle and upper middle classes. This administration has made things worse for many, many people. I can’t see into the future to know what a Romney administration might do. But I do know this administration isn’t working. I will vote for Mitt Romney, and guess what, if I don’t like what he has done, in fours years I’ll vote for someone else. As is my right. All of this will be done because of my own research on the candidates. I don’t rely on just Fox or MSNBC. I don’t just watch or listen too Chris Mathews, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly, Ed Schultz, Michelle Malkin. I watch and listen to them all. Then I verify through my own research to come up with my own opinion. If you had taken the time to do that instead calling people “slaves”, you would know that Mary Oele’s comment is correct. cheap oakley http://www.sulset.net

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