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*韓国語の支援します [#v2803ee4]
-投稿者: [[envia]]
-投稿日: 2004-02-19 (木) 12:08:55
**メッセージ [#n48864bc]
I've make pukiwiki.skin.ko.php, ko.lng, default.ko.css, print.ko.css. If you want to see Korean Pukiwiki in action, please visit http://php.chol.com/~jh1228/wiki/ (My Wiki ^^). It only supports utf8 now.
-Even though I can read some Japanese, it is too difficult for me to write Japanese... T.T -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-19 (木) 12:25:31};
-Do you know any Japanese input method for xfree? (I do not want to remember Japanese keyboard layout, that is, I want to input with romaji.) -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-19 (木) 13:18:19};
--You can use skkime+skkserv (http://www.tatari-sakamoto.jp/~tatari/index.jis.html) for free.  However, they are not popular on the MS-Windows.  They have been originally developped on the UNIX and the X-Window System. -- [[三浦克介]] &new{2004-02-20 (金) 19:20:41};
--下手な英語を書くより、日本語の方が良いのかな? skkime+skkserv (http://www.tatari-sakamoto.jp/~tatari/index.jis.html) というのがあります。但し、元々UNIX & X-Window System上で開発されたもので、Windows上ではマイナーです。「for xfree」は「for free」のタイプミス? 「for XFree86」ということなら、ほかにも、kinput2+Canna、kinput2+Wnn、kinput2+SJ3などがあります。 -- [[三浦克介]] &new{2004-02-20 (金) 19:26:17};
---Oh, I mean XFree86, because I use linux. I'll try them. Thanks. -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-21 (土) 01:28:30};
-I've placed these files in patch directory and used Makefile attached. And I edited init.php, changing 'SOURCE_ENCODING' to 'UTF-8' and 'LANG' to 'ko'. After editing pukiwiki.ini.php, everything worked.-- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-19 (木) 12:26:45};
-If you cannot read Korean, use ENJOY Korea provided by NAVER. Its url is http://enjoykorea.naver.co.jp/ . In fact, many Koreans use ENJOY Japan to translate Japanese pages. Its url is http://enjoyjapan.naver.com/ . It works well, but not perfectly. (I'm not 黄ジュン型, but Hwang Joonhyung!) -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-19 (木) 12:35:38};
-Well... How about my patch? (See attached files.) -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-29 (日) 13:06:32};
-I think it is not a good idea to make separated Korean version because it is better to make PukiWiki internationalized. I heard that PukiWiki has Chinese and French versions. I think they should be included in official PukiWiki, also. Otherwise they will fork, eventually! -- [[envia]] &new{2004-02-29 (日) 13:17:20};
-http://kldp.net/projects/pukiwikikr/ --  &new{2004-09-15 (水) 20:37:38};
-PukiWikiKr in kldp.net,it sounds good. During the [[AOSS>http://www.asia-oss.org/]] (9/1-9/3), some people get together in NTU(National Taiwan University) on 8/31 night and had a chat about the wiki engine.I demo the PukiWiki engine. ref:[[here>http://pukiwiki.idv.tw/index.php?cmd=read&page=%E7%B6%B2%E8%AA%8C%2F2004-08-31%2F230641_%E5%8F%B0%E5%A4%A7%E8%BF%B4%E5%BB%8A%E8%81%9A%E6%9C%83%E8%A8%98%E9%8C%84]](Traditional Chinese) -- [[Candyz]] &new{2004-09-18 (土) 10:55:22};
-PukiWikiKrのプロジェクトを一人で担当していたenviaさんが軍隊にいくことになりまして、わたしがこれからのPukiWikiKrの担当をすることになりました。 -- [[kenchanayo]] &new{2004-10-16 (土) 00:41:51};
-入隊日は今年の11月25日だそうです。約2年間、兵役の義務を履行することになります。 -- [[kenchanayo]] &new{2004-10-16 (土) 00:51:02};


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