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*PukiWiki [#vfad867b]
Japanese Version : [[PukiWiki/1.4/添付文書/FrontPage]]
* FrontPage [#vfad867b]

~This is FrontPage.
This page will be shown when no page name is specified.

~Please edit as you like.
Please edit as you like :) ((To avoid easy-SPAMming and easy-tricks, please freeze this page after describing your site's subject and/or destination. And please note about changing administrator's password!))

~Introduction to PukiWiki

** Test pages [#mbe58d42]
- [[SandBox]] - Edit this page freely. Try it.
- [[InterWikiSandBox]] - Try [[InterWiki]] here.

~How to edit page in PukiWiki.
** About PukiWiki [#i5e40bf7]
- [[PukiWiki]] - Introduction to PukiWiki

~ Edit this page freely. Try it.
** Documents [#h9843cd9]
- [[Help]] - How to edit pages in PukiWiki.
- [[FormatRule]] - Text formatting rules.

~ The lists of servers of InterWiki.

~ Try InterWiki here.

~ The official page of PukiWiki Developper Team.

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