* Plugins Manual [#r4203be5]
** Notation in this manual [#u010acf2]
In this plugin manual, we have followed the conventions in notation below.

''Plugin Name''

:Plugin type|
~The context(s) in which the plugin can be used. Some plugins can be used in more than one context type.
--Command type - The plugin can be called as a command. Marked with parentheses if it is only used internally.
--Block type - The plugin can be called as a block type plugin.
--Inline type - The plugin can be called as an inline type plugin.
--Pseudo-block type - The functionality implemented in the PukiWiki core. It can be called as if it were a block type plugin.
~Rating of general use frequency and usefulness, from "*" (least important) to "*****" (most important)
~How to call the plugin, with the types of the parameters.
--[] - Optional parameter, can be omitted
--| - One of the options separated by | can be used
--{} - Parameters that can be given in an arbitrary order.
~Description of the plugin's functionality
~Description of the each parameter
~Constants defined in the source code of the plugin. Useful for changing something that cannot be done with parameters.
~Other information on the plugin

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