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-BugTrack - バグ報告をまとめてあります。
-[[BugTrack]] - バグ報告をまとめてあります。
-[[開発談義]] - 開発やバグなどのことはこちら!
-[[開発日記]] - [[Team]]による開発日記

- 開発版の入手・閲覧 => [[CVS版]]
-[[OSDN>SourceForge.jp]] - https://ja.osdn.net/projects/pukiwiki/
- 開発版の入手・閲覧 => [[開発版]]



-[[Web委員]] - [[PukiWiki.org>http://pukiwiki.org]]の運営について
-[[PukiWiki Developers Team>Team]]
-[[Web委員]] - PukiWiki公式サイトの運営について
-[[PukiWiki Development Team>Team]]

//**チャット [#n2ebf78a]

**メーリングリスト [#a90d772d]

** English [#nad12208]
Is there any "complete" english translation? I downloaded and saw the two files in english, but the pikiwiki.ini.php and other files have a lot of entries in japanese and I do not know what to enter on them. If the .ini comments could be ,at least, in english I would highly appreciate it. I speak spanish, by the way, but I am not asking for spanish translation :-), just english. Thanks!
** For International Users & Developers  [#nad12208]
~Internationalization of PukiWiki is under way.
~Please leave your comments and suggestions on the discussion board below.
~We especially would like to know how you found PukiWiki.

-[[Discussion Board >Board]]
-Current Documents in English are in following pages.
--[[pukiwiki:About PukiWiki]]

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