Add whatever you think would be relevant. This page is for suggested directions for development of PukiWiki 2.0, and to a latter degree the time-frame of the operation perhaps.

** Skinning [#o21841fa]
- Allow for actual skin handling, and any form of image handling be handled by that skin itself.
- Removal of the strange GLOBAL image array for defining the various images used in skins. Skins should have a relative folder for their own images, and a default image folder for things like hard-coded buttons or so on.
- Perhaps a more simplistic skin format, with code blocks for the wiki-edit box and other stuff being given a generic handler which is then called with one variable, rather than actually having the PHP code in the file. This means that the skins can be much more easily developed by those who don't have PHP experience, and so that things can be changed cosmetically without throwing huge PHP errors. 

** Language [#u153183e]
- The current system for en/ja language should be replaced for gettext and allow for user and global domains. This would only marginally increase the CPU usage. 

** Code [#o45333ef]
- Less OOP/non-oop mixing, can't we just either go entirely OOP?

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