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* Information about PukiWiki [#ve165f9f]
This is an English information page of PukiWiki. Please do not hesitate to correct sentences when you find strange expressions as this page is created by non-natives. That is a great benefit of mainitaing page like this with Wiki!


*What is PukiWiki? [#n1aa5e3c]
~PukiWiki is a web-based tool which allows both webmasters and visitors to add, delete, and modify pages without any restriction. Web-based means all you need is a web-browser to take full advantage of Pukiwiki. Pukiwiki might resemble some characteristics of Bulletin Board System where you can leave messages. But Pukiwiki also allows you to change the entire content structure of exsiting page as well as creating new pages.


~Your imagination is the only limit for possible uses of Pukiwiki. Please visit [[Use PukiWiki/the Purpose of Usage>Use PukiWiki/利用目的]] to see how other people are using PukiWiki.


~Sng gave birth to PukiWiki, and continued its development until the release of PukiWiki 1.3. Then PukiWiki Developers Team inherited the development from him. PukiWiki was originally created as PHP rewrite of perl based YukiWiki created by Hiroshi Yuki. Since its birth PukiWiki has undergone it s own evloution and now PukiWiki offers many unique functionalities YukiWiki are not capable of.


One of the stregnths of PukiWiki is that new functionalities can be easily added through plugins.
Many plugins have been developed. Some plugins are "official", meaning that they are included in the PukiWiki package. And many more "unofficial" plugins have been developed and submitted to PukiWiki web site. Please refer to [[Pukiwiki/Plug-in Specification(in Japanese):http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/dev/?PukiWiki%2FPlug-in%A4%CE%BB%C5%CD%CD]] for details on developing plugins.

**Specifications [#adde37db]
-Written in PHP.
-2 byte wide characters strings including kanji characters are supported. 
-InterWiki feature is supported.
-Periodical Backup is supported.
-All data is stored in text format. (Binary data can be attached to any page.)
-Distributed under the GPL Licence.

[[PukiWiki.dev:http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/dev/]] leads you to the Developer Team's Wiki
**Status & Download [#qa984592]
// Now brushing up the near final one of next version 1.4.
Please refer to [[Developer's Diary>dev:開発日記]].

:Latest Version| 
stable release - 1.4.4
*** Stable Release [#k028154b]
-PukiWiki 1.4.4
|[[pukiwiki1.4.4.tar.gz:http://prdownloads.sourceforge.jp/pukiwiki/10732/pukiwiki-1.4.4.tar.gz]]|224.6 KB|a77ed62e21a610ae48a39062085fd3d0|

-PukiWiki 1.3.7

*** Developer Release [#z4544064]
-[[PukiWiki 1.4.4 dev>cvs:pukiwiki.tar.gz?tarball=1&only_with_tag=MAIN]]
-[[PukiWiki 1.3.7 dev>cvs:pukiwiki.tar.gz?tarball=1&only_with_tag=r1_3_3_branch]]
**Requirements [#z2f58fd1]
~PukiWiki is written in PHP, so it needs a PHP environment.&br;
PHP 4.1 or later version is recommended.
~For using multibyte features, PHP's  multibyte extension is needed.
**Installation [#lf4c08b0]
-Download the Pukiwiki archive from this site.
-Decompress the archive on the local or the target system. 
-Edit pukiwiki.ini.php to fit your environment.
-Change the file permissions as follows:
|~Directory|~Permission|~more secure|h

**Documents in English [#sd1895e5]
-[[What's PukiWiki?]]-General FAQ
-[[FormatRule-Consise->FormatRule]]---Consise Pukiwiki Formatting Rule. Unfortunately it is under developement.
-[[Format Rule Examples>FormatExample]]--- This page you should be reffered when you click the link which is placed at the bottom of editting page for a quick reference.
-Plugin Information
-DRAFT: [[readme.txt>./readme_draft]]

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