* Pukiwiki Development [#i9a40c01]
- BugTrack (BugTrack2) - used for reporting bugs in PukiWiki.
- DevelopmentTalks - Talk about development issues for PukiWiki.

If you are interested in developing up-coming PukiWiki releases (PukiWiki2), then please use the DevelopmentTalks page to discuss changes and features so that concensus can be reached. 

** PukiWiki 2 [#bfb32441]
- Google Code repository (http://code.google.com/p/pukiwiki/source/browse) for alpha proposed changes to PukiWiki structure and code.
- Discussion
-- [[PukiWiki2.0 Suggestions]]

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** For International Users & Developers [#k9540150]
~Internationalization of PukiWiki is under way.
~Please leave your comments and suggestions on the discussion board below.
~We especially would like to know how you found PukiWiki.

-[[Discussion Board >Board]]
-Current Documents in English are in following pages.
--[[pukiwiki:About PukiWiki]]

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